Wednesday, 31 March 2010

How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Listening to music on YouTube,The Internet and watching music videos on TV were the biggest influence into giving me the idea for my video.I found that the more videos I watched,the more vast and diverse amount of ideas I saw therefore this gave me a number of things to think about when filming.I also had to think about the image I wanted to put across to the audience so I took alot of time in listening to similar genres of music and there videos and seeing how the way there ideas were generated could influence my own.I looked at artists such as Arctic Monkeys,Bloc Party and the Killers to try and condense my own ideas similar to what they had done.I obviously didn't want to copy there own images but looking at there work gave me the idea of my video.

The use of I-movie within school was also a massive help because I was able to put my own footage together and then play around within cutting it into my music video to get the syncing right.It took alot of research into artists previous work to ensure my own had its very own image and recognisable theme.

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

The feedback I received from other students about my video was that its funny.I explained how I wanted to keep the handheld footage throughout as it was on-running theme throughout my video due to the style of the it.The problem i found when filming and my video was the length of the song and making sure I had enough footage for it.A recurring comment I was given was how I should of used more footage and tryed to use a selection of different camera angles and shot types.This is something i found difficult due to the context of my video.many people believed the initial idea for my video was very good but maybe more planning should of been put into lace to ensure the idea was made into a success.This is one part of the project that was a big downfall into why I struggled to find a constant on-going them within my video.The planning wasn't good enough so I found myself clutching at straws and trying them out before i could think of a detailed enough structure of work and a good enough idea.

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

I was extremely pleased with my final digipack and artist poster.This was the part of the project that took me the most time in getting it to look how I wanted it to look.I believe the digipack did suit my artists own image because I was the person who created it therefore in my own head it is there own style.If i look back upon the video and the digipack together I do feel that the colours I used within my digipack and posters were maybe not the best.Its only because using purple and black in my opinion gives the band a dark gothic image,something which they arenot so it may give audiences who see the work the wrong idea.Apart from the colour issue I feel that this part of my project was probably the best piece due to the amount of time I spent on it and the constant changes and decisions I had to make in order whether I thought it was the right idea.I would like to think that the image I have given my band is recognisable to their audience due to the look of the poster and digipack.Also the drawing that i made is used on both Digipack and poster so I like to think of it as the bands own logo or image.

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

When choosing an idea for my music video,I wasn't sure whether to have something that was related to the song title or whether to using a random idea that I could stick with throughout the whole video.I found it hard in thinking of choosing a story to match my music video because of the lyrics.Therefore the normal conventions of a music video were somewhat thrown out due to this.Many music videos also include a performance based piece within the video from the band so I had to think of how I would include my bands performance in context of my music video.In the end I chose against using a performance piece due to finding a suitable place for it to be filmed I also had set out the idea of reversing my footage half way through the video so in this case there was no need for the performance piece to unnecessarily be forced into my video.Most music videos are used so that the footage is steady,maybe using a tripod but I always had the idea that I wanted to used a handheld camera throughout due to how I wanted to make my video look.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

My Final CD Cover and Poster...

This is the final CD Cover for my artist.It has took a while to create because I stuck to one colour scheme and the images I used on the cover were my own photography so i had to arrange them in order and play around with how I used them.Overall I am happy with the final piece because there was a lot of effort put into making it and I feel the outcome looks good.

This is the final Artist poster which I have created on Photoshop.I wanted to keep it similar to the Cd Cover because it then helps me set out a reocurring theme amongst both the poster and the CD cover.This also creates audience recognition which if they see the poster then allows them to recognise the Cd cover and compare the two.In addition this may help in the sales of the album due to the poster well marketing the product,which in this case is the artist

Monday, 4 January 2010

These images I cropped because I wanted to change them and muddle the images up.As the images are of the band members I had the idea of having a bit of each members body in a mosaic type form to create a new image but when I finally done it,I wasnt happy with the final outcome so I decided to think of a new idea that would suit my digipack better.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Poster and Digipack Completion.

I am currently working on the finishing touches of my digipack CD cover adding the vital infomation such as music label info,copyright,and artisits infomation.After finishing this I will be designing a poster which will play a part in advertising and marketing the artists and the new debut album.It is important I stick to certain ideas ive had on my cd cover and process these onto my poster because I dont want them to contrast eachother and look like they should represent completely different bands.

These three images I have included here are my own images that I blocked out the colour using Photoshop.I have put these images on the inside cover of my digipack as these are the three band members.