Wednesday, 31 March 2010

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

I was extremely pleased with my final digipack and artist poster.This was the part of the project that took me the most time in getting it to look how I wanted it to look.I believe the digipack did suit my artists own image because I was the person who created it therefore in my own head it is there own style.If i look back upon the video and the digipack together I do feel that the colours I used within my digipack and posters were maybe not the best.Its only because using purple and black in my opinion gives the band a dark gothic image,something which they arenot so it may give audiences who see the work the wrong idea.Apart from the colour issue I feel that this part of my project was probably the best piece due to the amount of time I spent on it and the constant changes and decisions I had to make in order whether I thought it was the right idea.I would like to think that the image I have given my band is recognisable to their audience due to the look of the poster and digipack.Also the drawing that i made is used on both Digipack and poster so I like to think of it as the bands own logo or image.

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