Friday, 18 December 2009

Poster and Digipack Completion.

I am currently working on the finishing touches of my digipack CD cover adding the vital infomation such as music label info,copyright,and artisits infomation.After finishing this I will be designing a poster which will play a part in advertising and marketing the artists and the new debut album.It is important I stick to certain ideas ive had on my cd cover and process these onto my poster because I dont want them to contrast eachother and look like they should represent completely different bands.

These three images I have included here are my own images that I blocked out the colour using Photoshop.I have put these images on the inside cover of my digipack as these are the three band members.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Filming is under way.The opening shots are complete but we have had a slight problem with the continuity because the first day we filmed it was snowing so when we went back to film more I had to deal with the fact that the weather had changed and this is an obvious factor that can be seen throughout my shots.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Album Poster Analysis

As part of this project I have to create my own album poster so I thought it would be a good idea to analyse some existing posters to give me a view into ow they are created and based around there albums.

The first album poster I looked at is by Wretch 32.He is a british grime artist who's poster is advertising his debut album 'Wretchrospective'.The poster is focused on him in the centre of the page with the details of the album on top of him.The graphis used in the background are bright but overall the poster is dull.

Compared to this album poster by The Saturdays,this in my opinion is much better because of the colours used and the way the band are put across in the image.The different dress colours is a popular theme within the bands image and look and smething they have used throughout there time in the musical limelight.In my opinion this is a good poster because it sells there image and album very well.