Wednesday, 31 March 2010

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

The feedback I received from other students about my video was that its funny.I explained how I wanted to keep the handheld footage throughout as it was on-running theme throughout my video due to the style of the it.The problem i found when filming and my video was the length of the song and making sure I had enough footage for it.A recurring comment I was given was how I should of used more footage and tryed to use a selection of different camera angles and shot types.This is something i found difficult due to the context of my video.many people believed the initial idea for my video was very good but maybe more planning should of been put into lace to ensure the idea was made into a success.This is one part of the project that was a big downfall into why I struggled to find a constant on-going them within my video.The planning wasn't good enough so I found myself clutching at straws and trying them out before i could think of a detailed enough structure of work and a good enough idea.

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